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December 2020

Follow the Money Report: Selected 2020 Arkansas Republican Primaries

Have you ever wondered who controls Arkansas?

Follow the Money on 2020 Republican primaries to find out. The research team at Conduit for Commerce compiled an in-depth, comprehensive report following the money on selected 2020 Republican primaries.

The 2020 Republican primary gives hope to Republicans who support the party principle of limited government. Most winners in the primary were either limited government Republicans or favor a limited government position with exceptions. The 2020 Republican primary results are the opposite of the 2018 primary results where establishment Republicans won the day. Establishment Republicans are those who favor bigger government. Establishment Republicans tend to be well funded by special interests.

Conduit for Commerce collected contribution records from the Arkansas Secretary of State Financial Disclosure website, then sorted, tagged, and analyzed those against additional research of the contributing persons. This analysis allowed grouping between similar interests, entities, and persons. We could see who were the “big players” in Arkansas politics, whether contributions came inside or outside a legislative district, and allowed for a peak at the special interests behind the political contributions.

The reader is encouraged to use these findings as a blueprint for predicting future votes by these elected officials as various special interest issues come before the Legislature in January 2021.

If you want to know which way the political winds are blowing, it helps to know which way the campaign funds are flowing.

The report provides in depth analysis of fundraising for the following state legislative primaries:

Marrietta McClure vs. Tony Furman – House District 28

David Ray vs. Karyn Maynard – House District 40

Cole Peck vs. Bobby Long vs. Jon Milligan – House District 53

Ken Yarbrough vs. Brandt Smith – House District 58

Chris Latimer vs. Kendon Underwood vs. Jana Della Rosa – House District 90

Delia Haak vs. Jorge Becker vs. Scott Richardson — House District 91

Adrienne Woods vs. John CarrHouse District 94

Paige Dillard Evans vs. Nelda SpeaksHouse District 100


Jeff Crow vs. Alan ClarkSenate District 13

Dan Sullivan vs. John CooperSenate District 21

Ben Gilmore vs. Bill DunklinSenate District 26


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