2015 Calvin Coolidge Award Winners — Heroes of Freedom

Conduit for Commerce
2015 Calvin Coolidge Award Winners–Heroes of Freedom
Winners and Scoring Methodology
Scores Senate
25 Collins-Smith
23 Flippo
23 Rice
22 B. Johnson
22 B. King
16 G. Stubblefield
25 Copeland
25 Speaks
22 Jean
22 B. Smith
22 Ladyman
19 C. Douglas
19 Tosh
18 Wallace
17 Richmond
17 G. Hodges
17 Bentley
17 Miller
17 Deffenbaugh
15 M. Gray
15 Payton
15 Sullivan
Much like any specific vote, the CFC scoring of bills, committee votes (when known) floor votes, primary sponsorships, and co-sponsorships is not an exact science or a technique which may be described as linear. Our scoring is weighted for principles based upon the following preferred likely outcomes: 1) reduces the size of government, 2) reduces dependency on government, and/or 3) reduces spending by government. It is believed that this method will ultimately yield a better assessment of the pattern of voting by a specific Legislator helpful in measuring differences in expectations by voters. Ultimately it is the intent of CFC that the voting pattern of these elected officials, as they relate to the above principles, is made clear. July 31, 2015