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Conduit for Commerce is pleased to announce their biennial Calvin Coolidge Heroes of Freedom Award winners. These awards are presented to Arkansas legislators who fought for liberty in the recent legislative session and is based solely on their voting records. Broken campaign promises and bloviating tweets net you zero Coolidge Awards. The winners represent the cream of the crop of conservative, limited government Arkansas state legislators.

The awards reflect legislators who voted to:

(1) Decrease the size of government;

(2) Decrease Dependency on Government; and

(3) Not spend money we do not have.

The complete list of Calvin Coolidge Award Winners:


The Calvin Coolidge Heroes of Freedom Awards were given to the top scorers on the Conduit for Commerce Scorecard rankings. The Freedom Bill awards were given to legislators who sponsored the best bills of the session.

The best bills of the session included:

  1. SB175 – Medicaid Disclosure by Senator Bryan King
  2. SB726 – Ethics Reform prohibiting legislators who are attorneys/consultants from running bills for clients – by Senator Linda Collins-Smith
  3. SJR10 – Fair Ballot Titles Reform – by Senator Linda Collins-Smith
  4. SB727 – Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform – by Senator Linda Collins-Smith
  5. SB723 – Special Elections Reform – by Representative Justin Gonzalez
  6. HB1465 – Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Freeze – by Representative Josh Miller
  7. HB1222 – School Choice and Education Savings Accounts – by Representative Jim Dotson
  8. HB1405 – Unemployment Insurance Tax Cut – by Representative Robin Lundstrum
  9. HJR1016 – Voter I.D. Proposed Constitutional Amendment – by Representative Robin Lundstrum