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The Conduit for Commerce (CFC) Legislative Scorecard is a resource for Arkansans to learn how their legislators voted during the 2019—92nd General Assembly and compare those votes to the mission of Conduit: more economic freedom for all Arkansans. Legislation during the session is reviewed and analyzed by Conduit for Action, a sister organization to CFC. Based on those recommendations’ CFC has drafted this legislative scorecard. Bills are included into the scorecard by using the
CFC Economic Freedom Filter. The scores are based entirely on a legislator’s own voting record on bills scored.

Economic Freedom Filter
The Economic Freedom Filter is the method by which CFC determines if a
bill is good or bad for increased economic freedom for Arkansans. The
Economic Freedom Filter analyzes bills that do the following:

  1. Increase or Decrease the Size and Scope of Government
  2. Increase or Decrease Dependency on Government
  3. Does It Spend Money We Do Not Have
  4. Increase or Decreases Transparency in Government

If legislation falls into these categories, it is considered for scoring. CFC
will support bills that decrease the size and scope of government,
decrease dependency on government, saves money, or increases
transparency in government. CFC will oppose bills that increase the size
and scope of government, increase dependency on government, spends
money the state does not have, or decreases transparency in government.

Conduit for Commerce awards the top scoring legislators on the CFC scorecard for their outstanding voting records. These awards reflect the most fiscally conservative legislators based on their actual votes as they compare to the CFC Economic Freedom Filter. CFC has held a biennial Calvin Coolidge Awards Dinner honoring these top legislators since
2013. This year CFC applied the Ronald Reagan 80% rule. If a legislator got an 80% or higher on the CFC scorecard, they will receive a 2019 Calvin Coolidge Award for their outstanding voting record in the 2019
legislative 92nd General Assembly.

The 2019 Conduit Calvin Coolidge Award Winners:

Sen. Trent Garner (SD27)

Rep. Dan Sullivan (HD 53)
Rep. Austin McCollum (HD 95)
Rep. Clint Penzo (HD 88)
Rep. Grant Hodges (HD 96)
Rep. Marsh Davis (HD 61)
Rep. Robin Lundstrum (HD 87)
Rep. Josh Miller (HD 66)
Rep. Rick Beck (HD 65)
Rep. Mickey Gates (HD 22)
Rep. Justin Gonzales (HD 19)
Rep. Frances Cavenaugh (HD 60)
Rep. Mark Lowery (HD 39)
Rep. Nelda Speaks (HD 100)
Rep. John Payton (HD 64)
Rep. Richard Womack (HD 18)