Small Business Issues

Small business defined:
Usually more than a couple of employees
Owners know all employees by name and interfaces regularly
Between $500K and $100 Million in sales
Not currently involved with politics or lobbying activity
Affected by regulation, over taxation, and unreasonable legal liability

Large businesses advocate and lobby for advantageous legislation or favorable taxation. Most have the resources and promote more specialized interests for their business, as it should be. Small business does not have the time, money, or sophistication to be effectively involved in government monitoring much less a voice in its restraint. CFC intends to provide that missing link for small business in Arkansas. CFC gives small business a voice in Arkansas government.

Small Business Issues:


City Ordinances:    [Reserved]

County Regulation:  [Reserved]

State Regulation: We believe that the state should do much more in the intermediary role between the businesses in the state and the federal government. Each state should operate the employment, labor, safety programs that the federal government currently mandates.

Federal Regulation: Although a contributor, cheap labor somewhere else is not the primary driver of moving manufacturing and other business out of this country. The environment of multiple, oppressive, and unreasonable regulatory agencies create unnecessary bureaucracy in a business’s creative purposes.  The punitive nature and attitudes of these agencies often proves to be the breaking point in the will of businesses to do what they otherwise do–expand and add jobs. This is not to say that all regulation and oversight is unnecessary but rather the method and punitive nature has gotten out of control. Rather than “inspecting” a company upon a single complaint (which, likely as not, comes from a disgruntled employee), an informal meeting and follow up process would be an adequate response. If there is a history of complaints or of blatant abuse, then and only then should punitive actions be taken. That is not the way it works in most regulatory agencies now. Often there is no reasonableness or common sense involved with regulators. Currently the process appears that they simply collect fines to subsidize their existence and seem accountable to no one.