Public Transit

Commentary from a conservative position:

The Washington County Quorum Court recently passed to the voters an unsustainable and almost fully subsidized county transit tax. The justices should have never shirked their responsibility to protect the taxpaying citizens of this county from this kind of unreasonable tax. These elected officials are supposed to be the first line of defense for unreasonable tax schemes. It was their job to learn and know the details that the public could–in order to defeat this effort. Instead they mostly hid behind the “Let the People Decide” excuse. This is their job to decide these matters. We the people elect and hire them to find the facts and make the decisions, otherwise, let’s eliminate their positions from the government, save the expense, and the people can vote on everything. That is what a democracy really looks like.

This is a good example of why we have a constitutional Republic rather than a democracy.

The tax, which would have amounted to about 7.5 million dollars, would be forever until repealed. It would primarily fund a private company that would be on the taxpayer dime for decades to come. There is no argument that this or any other system cannot come close to paying for its operation let alone the capital costs. The benefits are to a very few riders and the private administrators and owners, at the expense of all of the rest of us.

Make no mistake about it, there will be more taxes and programs proposed in the future to provide what they call public transit such as light rail. This would take the subsidy and tax losses to many times greater levels than that misguided transit bus proposal. Don’t be fooled by the buzzwords used for mass transit. Mobility, environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, etc.. These are simply the immeasurable, unaccountable snake oil sales techniques used by big government, big transportation corporations, and subsidized private companies to move your money to their pockets. These programs never, I repeat never hold up to any scrutiny of financial responsibility. Public transportation in not a bad concept if rationally created and paid for in the majority by the actual users. As proposed in most every example, these programs, in fact, always grow government payrolls, lessen the taxpayer’s income, and shrink citizen’s freedom.

Recommended Reading:
”Gridlock—Why we’re stuck in traffic and what to do about it.” by Randal O’Toole.