“To educate the Arkansas public and its leadership concerning government policies that will create a better life for all Arkansas citizens.”

Conduit For Commerce, Inc. (“CFC) is a dedicated group of statewide business owners and private citizen volunteers formed in 2011 and dedicated to empowering the public and  governing officials with education regarding public policies effecting commerce within the State of Arkansas. At its founding, the organization declared its bold mission . . . “to serve as a research and educational organization that formulates and promotes conservative public policies based on free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense, as they are lived out within the State of Arkansas.”

In support of this mission, we have organized as a non-profit Arkansas corporation, commonly referred to as a “think tank.” Under this operational framework, Conduit For Commerce, Inc. will limit and dedicate its operations to providing research on public policies for the exclusive use and benefit of government agencies, general corporate/business entities, and the general public, all in an effort to promote a more open and less restricted economic climate, with its research, education, and publication being based on conservative American principles.

Past, Present and Planned Activities
Specific activities are described below. Presently operating in the “start-up” phase—the below activities focus on CFC’s plans for the near future and continue throughout CFC’s existence. Support from the community of Arkansas citizens is needed, expected, and welcomed.


Present Workshops, Seminars, and Speeches to educate the public on conservative polices, how they can be implemented, and the effects of such policies on public life. These activities will take place in various cities within the State of Arkansas where it is CFC’s intent that such events be free and open to the general public.

Present articles, essays, blog posts, and other similar publications for broad dissemination among Arkansas voters. (However, such publications will never support/oppose particular political candidates or legislation). These writers will subscribe to the conservative policy beliefs of CFC as well as further the purposes of CFC.

Hold rallies and dinners/banquets to educate and inspire the desire to learn and inform amongst the public. These activities will take place in various cities within the State of Arkansas where tickets will usually be sold for admission in the case of dinners/banquets.

Sending out targeted mailings of educational materials on a broad range of issues involving commerce and conservative public policies. These mailings will be limited to recipients within the State of Arkansas and to those individuals living outside the State of Arkansas who have expressed an interest in CFC’s mission and goals.

Using CFC’s webpage and social media sites to educate the public on conservative policies and their interrelation to commerce in the State of Arkansas. Such information will be accessible to the general public via the World Wide Web free of charge. CFC anticipates that Internet communications will play a critical role in accomplishing CFC’s purposes in light of today’s technological environment. The online efforts will educate the public on the relationship between conservative policies and commerce.

Providing Arkansas voters with credible information on the voting records of all political candidates (from any and all political parties in a non-partisan manner). This will be a general activity carried out by CFC through any of the above means and will be measured against a set of standards developed with small business and general economic benefits.

Providing educational materials to all political candidates and political campaigns (but no funds or endorsements or opposition to specific candidates; CFC will only provide information as to issues). This will be a general activity carried out by CFC through any of the above means.

Therefore it is the intention of CFC to promote the return to and further establish true free market principles and move business in Arkansas toward the more general “public regulation by affirmative employee/consumer/community action” in place of the current “collective, government administration of penalty/requirement/and directed incentives.”