Environmental Issues

Whenever you hear the terms “watershed”, “streamside”, “xyz authority“, and many others you should carefully and thoughtfully ask yourself—“what new controls over my life, liberty and property will these actions give the government?” (And recall, when someone or something is given power or control, they have taken that power or control from another.)

Case in point–The City of Fayetteville, Arkansas recently passed a “Streamside Ordinance.”
It is the position of CFC that such an ordinance effectively takes the control, power, and use (benefits of ownership) of any private land that is within 50 feet of whatever water run-off, stream, ditch, or pond the government deems that could ever drain into a public lake or river. This is giving the City Government the power and authority to solely decide what your land can be used for and how—without paying you a penny for the loss of its use by you.

The mission of CFC is to educate the public and property owners concerning such government actions and the costs to freedoms that these actions impart. CFC believes that without an educated public, this pattern will continue and exculpate, such as in this case—Washington County is expected to follow the lead of the City of Fayetteville and try to implement much more control over all water related land use in the very near future. Imagine that the county may deem a part time ditch or full time pond on your property is now in their control because the runoff from a rain could affect Beaver Lake. CFC is not saying that willful polluting should not be dealt with by the county or other government agency, but taking private land rights by assuming the landowner cannot control it properly and that the landowner will otherwise pollute, as defined by government, at some point in the future– is abuse of power and insulting.